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Gardening and Landscaping in Wolverhampton

At Danny's Property Services Ltd, we are the team to trust for everything related to your property's gardening and landscaping needs. Transform your property into a comfortable and functional space, we guarantee a service that goes beyond expectations.

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Quality Work

Affordable Prices

2 Decades of Experience

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Why Choose Our Gardening and Landscaping services?

Why choose us? With plenty of experience, we bring affordable, quality gardening and landscaping solutions.


Opt for us to achieve a budget-friendly makeover that radiates quality. Your dream garden is just a call away!

How We Can Help

We pride ourselves on offering a full range of gardening services including - 

  1. Lawn Maintenance:

    • Mowing, Edging, Fertilising

  2. Planting and Transplanting:

    • Flowers, Trees, Shrubs

  3. Weeding and Pest Control:

    • Weed removal, Pest management

  4. Pruning and Trimming:

    • Shaping bushes and trees, Trimming hedges, Hedge trimming

  5. Strimming and Brush Cutting:

    • Clearing overgrown areas

  6. Leaf Blowing:

    • Clearing leaves and debris

  7. Soil Preparation:

    • Soil testing, Adding compost or mulch

  8. Landscape Design:

    • Planning and layout, Selecting plants and materials

  9. Seasonal Cleanup:

    • Leaf removal, Winterisation

  10. Consultation and Advice:

    • Providing expertise on plant selection, landscape design, and maintenance.

    • Garden Fencing & Garden Gates.

Falling Leaves

We Are Ready When You Are

When it comes to keeping your garden in top shape, you need experts you can trust.

At Danny's Property Services Ltd, we're the go-to team for all your gardening and landscaping needs.


We've got the knowledge to tackle any challenge. Don't wait until problems pop up; give us a call now to make sure your garden gets the care it deserves.

Call: 07743 984753

Where Do We Serve?

Based in Wolverhampton, Danny's Property Services Limited proudly extends its reach to cover the majority of the West Midlands. However, our commitment to excellence knows no bounds, and we're more than willing to travel to meet your gardening and landscaping needs anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Before and after gardening service.

Looking For Gardening Services, In Wolverhampton and the surrounding West Midlands?

As you can see we are nothing short of passionate about delivering the best results for our customers no matter where in the UK.

Call us on: 07743 984753

01902  288101
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